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John Jaskot
Profile picture
August 31, 1954 Attorney Married 3
Greetings all!...with regrets that I won't be there for the 45th.  Am I the only one in the class with this schedule conflict issue? = My last kid just graduated from high school and I'm helping get him to college on our reunion weekend, which means I'll just have to try real hard to make it to the 50th.  Will miss the Daly Invitational Golf Tournament and other fun events, including what I enjoy the most = catching up with some really great people from the Class of 72, even that interloping PHS guy who I know and love....  So be good, stay healthy, and we'll catch you at the next one.  If you're ever in D.C., give me a ring....  
Best to all.  JJJ
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Paul Jensen
Business Owner Married 8
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Valerie Butler (John)
Speech Language Pathologist Married
Still gratefully (not always gracefully) alive.  Sincere regards to each of you! Send Valerie a MessageSend Valerie a Message
Corinne Johns
Administrative Assistant Single Again 1
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Profile picture
Profile picture
May 11, 1953 Retired Married 6
It's been a long time. Nice to hear there are so many of us left still kicking after all these years. Send DAL a MessageSend DAL a Message
Debra Cross (Johnson)
ISS/Sears Married 3
Life has had ups and downs, but now the up has started.  I was married a month ago to my first true love.I have two wonderful sons 30 & 28.  Had a beautiful daughter who would have been 26 this year but I lost her at 18.  Left Idaho 3 years ago and now am staying in Cail. until new hubby retires and then back to good ole' Idaho.  See ya in a few weeks!   Send Debra a MessageSend Debra a Message
David Jorgensen
December 09, 1953 Jr High Art Teacher Married 4
Who wants to do something with the class film? I have a digital copy every body should have it but I don't know how to do it.. Send David a MessageSend David a Message
Kathy Walker (Kimber)
Dental Office Bookkeeping & Reporting Married 3

It will be great to see everybody again.  I really enjoyed the last.  Since my expecting 1st grandchild at the last reunion time I now have three--two boys and our "first" girl ever.  Sweet!

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Mike Kirkland
Construction Married 2
Life is too great not to see my old friends. Send Mike a MessageSend Mike a Message
Rick Kramer
Program Manager Married 3
Best Regards to all!! Send Rick a MessageSend Rick a Message
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