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Linda Smith (Walton)
Profile picture
Profile picture
River Manager USFS Widowed 2
Can't wait to see everyone. Gets more important the older we get.  You all listed all your kids so I had to include my family of two awesome dogs.  Search and Rescue fellows.  I actually have 2 stepkids that are wonderful, but the doggies are the love of my life right now.  This is a picture of me in my office. Send Linda a MessageSend Linda a Message
Robert Ward
March 31, 1954 Physician Married 7
Married to same woman for 38 yrs in November. been back to school a couple of times am a DC, MD, NMD, and Board Certified Independent Medical Examiner.   OK IM a professional student!!  Have 15 grandchildren I dont think any on the way but who Knows!!! Send Robert a MessageSend Robert a Message
tom weigel
operation manager Single 2
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Scott Whitehead
Profile picture
Real Estate Marketing/Development Married 2
Greetings to my fellow classmates! Hard to believe so many years has slipped by, but we still cling to many fond memories. My wife and I (Carmen...34 years and counting!) would have loved to make it to this one, but a previous commitment once again gets in the way. (nature of my business I’m afraid). Wish you all a great time and again, if you are in the area (Vancouver, BC) look us up………only place I know where you can carve some turns, shoot a round of golf and go sailing, all in the same day! Gotta love it! Send Scott a MessageSend Scott a Message
Teresa Wright (Wilde)
Underwriter Married 2
I am looking forward to seeing everyone again and visiting about old times!!
Rick Wilkes
Retired USAF Married 3
WOW! Allot of these names brings back good memories. I retired from the Air Force after 29 years and now work for the Air Force as a civilian QSR near Cincinnati Ohio. Life was good then…. and life is good now! Will be great to see allot of old friends.... Send Rick a MessageSend Rick a Message
Rick Wilkes
Profile picture
November 09, 1953 Aviation Fuel QA Married 3
Retired after 29 years in the Air Force. Now working for the Government near Cincinnati Ohio.
Life is good!
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Deb Alldredge (Wilkey)
RN, Deputy Coroner, College Instr. 2
What fun to read these updates...what a hoot!! And haven't we all just gone out and done fine & fun things!! Dang...it's the mileage in those travels that's sneaky, eh?? Still, really excited to get to "turn some of those back" with a trip to see everyone from '72... Send Deb a MessageSend Deb a Message
Robert Wilkinson
Profile picture
December 28, 1953 Senior Auditor Married 8
It is hard to believe that it has been 45 years since we graduated from High School.  Spent several years working in the Pocatello area, before moving to Logan Utah.  I worked for Miller Brothers 3 or 4 year, then went back to school, Utah State University, where I graduated with a BS degree in accounting.  We moved to California in 1991 and have lived here ever since, working for the Defense Contract Audit Agency.  I havn't been able to attend any of the prior class reunions.  I am looking forward to making this one.
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Thomas Wilkinson
Driver for Integrated Transportation Services at INL Married 4

 My wife and I are empty nesters now. Kids have grown and moved on but still keep us worrying. We have 6 grandsons ranging in age from 9 years to 3 months, and love to spend time with them. At the present they all live close by. 

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