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Robin Crystal (Terrell)
Certified Medical Assistant Married 4
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Rick Thomas
Profile picture
RAILROAD Married 3
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Leonard Thompson
sales Married 3

Still married 29 years (same wife), 3 adult Children,  3 grand-children.  and am still Tall, dark, and Handsome?

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Sandra Thompson (Thorne)
Editor Married 4
Really looking forward to seeing all of you! Send Sandra a MessageSend Sandra a Message
Ron Timpson
Self-employed upholsterer Single Again 2
I know everyone misses me! I bet you can't wait to see me! I miss Kelly Palmer! What have I been up to? Well, let's see. *running my business *grandfather of 4 *bridge diving *starred in Brokeback Mountain! Send Ron a MessageSend Ron a Message
Debbie Tranmer
dentist/martial arts instructor Single Again 1
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Michele Goodrich (Troughton)
Profile picture
Profile picture
September 25, 1954 Kindergarten teacher Married 2
I have lived in California since 1975, graduating from UC Berkeley in 79. I was employed in banking and lending operations until the mortgage crisis. Currently in my second career I love teaching. I am an avid bird-watcher, leading hikes locally (Vallejo, CA) to observe and record osprey, heron, egret, and other birds. The 45th reunion is just after school begins here, but I hope to make some of the events, not having attended since the 21st reunion. Send Michele a MessageSend Michele a Message
Craig Tyler
Engineer Divorced 3
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Julie Ivanoff (Vanek)
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