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Debbie Ankrum (Poulson)
Profile picture
July 15, 1954 Teacher Divorced 3
Hello All -  My first husband and I created 3 wonderful children fo which I am very excited to share their stories.  I now have 6 grandchildren (all boys). I have been teaching for 9 years and am currently at Franklin Middle School.  Had fun at the last reunion.  Can't wait for this one. 

In August, 2012 I lost my youngest daughter Jackie Poulson in a tragic accident.  I am recovering from this fateful event in my life.  My profile picture has been changed to her picture in memory of her. 
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Linda Kawamura (Poulton)
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physical therapist Married 3

We are still in southern California and I am still a home physical therapist. Since the last reunion we have had two granddaughters and I am in love with being a grandmama. I am looking forward to reconnecting with everyone again.  It has been a treat to stay in touch through emails, facebook and snail mail with "old" friends.  I have such fond memories of our days at Highland. As we age (with grace might I add) life becomes more precious and old friendships, even those that we have not refreshed for a few years, become even more dear.  It will be wonderful to sit and chat and laugh and remember.  For those of you that won't be able to attend I hope that we can stay in touch through this wonderful website that Greg organized. Hugs to all of you!

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William M. Powell
Corporate Aircraft Technician Married 2
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Jeff Read
August 20, 1954 High School Principal Married 2
Do any of you remember what we thought of people our current age when we were in high school? My God,we have become what we used to ridicule and not trust. There truly is a rather sick humor to the cycle of life. I see it every day in my job working with high school kids that remind me so much of us at that age. Hope to see you all this summer!  Send Jeff a MessageSend Jeff a Message
Gary K (Rhoads)
Profile picture
Profile picture
Professor of Marketing/Entrepreneurship www.Boomstart.com Married 6
Look forward to seeing everyone at the 40th reunion.  Send Gary a MessageSend Gary a Message
Janice Hunter (Rice)
October 08, 1953 Real Estate Agent Widowed 4
Hi I am excited about seeing everyone again.  My memory is slacking these days.  But I still have a few great memories of them Highschool years. I now work for Rocky Mountain Real Estate in the Mini-Cassia Area.  I have lived in several states in my life time.  I find out I always come back to Idaho.  I have 4 children and 13 grandkids and enjoy them all.
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Susan Radford (Rice)
Program Manager Widowed 1
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Nyla Booth (Richins)
Profile picture
Profile picture
Custom Picture Framing Business Married 5
Wow!! Those years have past quickly!  We became parents of 5 children, and will soon have our fifth grandchild.  Minnesota has been our home most of this time, but we love returning to Pocatello and the great memories of friends and family.
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Ron Booth (Richins)
Financial Analyist Married 5
Looking forward to seeing you in August!!

Thanks to all those that are putting this together!
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Jeanne egbert (Roberts)
April 14, 1954 Layout Engineer Married 3
Look forward to catching up with eveyone.
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