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Good to see you all!
Hope you can come to the picnic. any question call me at.
Love Jennie Harwood Coles
Last Post: May 20th 2010
Author: cherycerise
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Thanks for the Donations

For all of you who have donated to help Claudia Warren Fredrickson's grandson.

You are the greatest...... an up date he might be in hospital for about...
Last Post: Oct 29th 2008
Author: chick
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August 2012!
Just thinking about that date makes my head spin. I've blocked out the weekend on my Palm Pilot so I will be sure to not over schedule myself—hahaha!

The way things go, technology...
Last Post: May 2nd 2008
Author: timothysheppard
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Christmas Greetings to My Classmates
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
I just wanted to let you know that I'm doing well and can hardly wait for Christmas to be here.
I hope that some of you will e-mail me and I can...
Last Post: Dec 1st 2007
Author: chick
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We are keeping the site
Greg I'm sorry but lets not let the grass grow under our feet. Life is to short and I'm short enough.
From what I hear we are keeping the site open so we can visit so please up date your...
Last Post: Aug 21st 2007
Author: chick
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Do you know of any class mates who have passed away since High School
Someone said that they thought their was about 14 but I can only think of a few. I feel really bad that I haven't been in lived in town for 25+ years, and I haven't been a very good friend. Lets all...
Last Post: Aug 7th 2007
Author: Djorg
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Valerie Butler
I presently live in Hooper, Utah by way of North Dakota, SLC and Kansas. My husband Charles and I celebrated our 20th anniversary in May. I worked as a speech language pathologist for over 20...
Last Post: Nov 25th 2006
Author: valjohnutah
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Hi everyone
I'm glad we're getting a chance to reconnect (or meet) and catchup. The calendar says this will be our 35th year class reunion but my heart says this will be our 20th, uh - 21st. I know August will...
Last Post: Nov 25th 2006
Author: valjohnutah
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