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Hi! I'm really not looking to start any discussion, but thought this might be the best place to make a few comments following, what I thought, was a very successful reunion. I've gone to every...
Last Post: Aug 23rd 2012
Author: valjohnutah1
# of posts: 1
Review of the Reunion, Ideas for the Next One
While it's still fresh, I'd like to see people's perspectives on two things:

1. What could we have done differently that would have improved the reunion experience for you?
Last Post: Dec 2nd 2011
Author: greggun
# of posts: 4
I can bring a veggie tray. -Kathy Pederson Evans
Last Post: Aug 16th 2007
Author: chick
# of posts: 8
Match the picture
Everybody needs to have a digital picture taken when they enter the reunion and then we should attempt to match the high school photo with the recent picture.
Last Post: Aug 8th 2007
Author: mcleaver
# of posts: 2
What activities would you like to see?
What activities would you like to see at the reunion? At this point, we're planning on the reunion covering Friday through Sunday. So what activities would you like to see...
Last Post: Jun 4th 2007
Author: greggun
# of posts: 14
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