Our beloved Highland High!
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2017 - Our 45-Year Reunion

Be sure to caption any photos you upload. Classmates who weren't at our 45-year reunion will appreciate it. 

Here's Linda Kawamura Poulton's great Shutterfly album from the 2017 reunion. Lots of wonderful photos from a fun reunion. Enjoy! CLICK HERE

And here are some videos from Linda: (Note: The videos open a few seconds into the video - just drag it back to zero and you'll see the entire video.)

Video #1: CLICK HERE

Video #2: CLICK HERE

Video #3: CLICK HERE

Video #4: CLICK HERE

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you know who this is
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Pics from the Reunion

A collection of some of the best-looking 50-plus people on the face of the planet. Photos from the August, 2007 reunion. 

Contributors: Be sure to include a caption identifying who's in the photos you submit. The truth is, we don't look we did in 1972!

You can also see a Shutterfly album of 158 photos posted by Linda Kawamura Poulton at: 


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Dinner Pics Again
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Even More Reunion Pics

Reunion pics, continued. Still more of the best-looking 50-somethings you'll see anywhere.
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Norjir, Larry and Norielyn Mercer
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Look at Us Now

A place to share photos from our lives today.
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Larry Z @ Lava HS
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Remembering Good Times

It's great to look back on the good times we've shared with those classmates who are some of the best friends we'll ever have. Post those photos of good times from the past in this album.
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