Please Help Us Find Everyone!

If you know how to reach any of these people, please let them know about the reunion. Encourage them to visit this website (www.highlandclassof72.com) and enter their current contact information under "Classmates" on the main menu, even if they are not planning to attend the 2017 reunion.

If you have notified anyone on this list, please send us a note through the "Contact Us" page and let us know, so we can take their name off the list. 

(Note: With only one or two exceptions, women's names listed here are maiden names.) 


Missing Members of the Highland High School Class of 1972



Bill Allen

JoAnn Allen

Cheryl Barclay

Raymond Barrus

Pam Baxter

Mark Bilger 

James Bosen

Margot Briggs

Cynthia Brown

Donald Burns

Curt Caudill

Karen Christiansen

Kathleen Connelly

Paul Cooley

Christina Corbridge

David Crane

Danny Daniel

Diana Despree

Sarah Doman

Danny Eastman

Stanley Eslinger

Mike Esquibel

Todd Facer

David Ferguson

Rick Findley

Chris Fowler

Everett Frasure

Jeannine Gard

Kathy Garrard

Dee Ann Green

Michele Gregg

Laurel Hadley

Janet Hall

Kathleen Hatch

Chris Hawkins

Mike Hawkins

Mike Heath

Randall Heckert

Dale Henderson

Steven Henderson

Judy Hendrick

Julie Hess

Kay Hocking

Janice Hunter

Ken Iverson

Pam Jensen

Patty A Johnson

Kenneth Jones

Richard Jones

John Kessler

Deborah Klingler

Pat Kron

Leslie Lake

Rosalie T Lambert

Rene Lewis

Maria Littleford

Rick Lyon

Brian McCandless

Sandra Misner

John Myers

Kelly Myers

Warren Myers

David Nelson

Leslie Nelson

Patti Nelson

Doug Newbold

Jed Newby

June Nield

Susan Orth

Lanel Packer

Mary Louise Packer

Frank Pebeahsy

Linda Lee Perry

Susan Peterson

Mike Phillips

David H Powell

Edward Ricken

Liana Rose

John Sanchez

Jean Marie Santos

Regina Selders

Elvina Shay

Jim Siler

Bill Slaven

Robert Smith

Jeanne Smith

Mike Sorenson

Paul Staples

Mike Stephens

Marielle Stewart

Mike Stinson

Brenda Stuart

David Earl Swanson

Terry Thomsen

Janet L. Tilson

Steve Tingelstead

Paul Torres

Vicki Cross Tuttle

Jerry Ray Wageman

Peggy Warren

Deborah Welch

Carla Wiley

Jerry Wilken

Greg Williams

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